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thrasher magazine


Thrasher tee - junkyard | here

Choker - Missguided | similar here

Gold chain - hm | similar here

Slay necklace - Forever 21

Thigh high boots - nelly | similar here

Bomber - hm






Socks - here


bad and bourgeois


Hoodie - ginatricot

Choker - Missguided | similar here

Slay necklace - Forever 21

Gold chain - hm | similar here

Fur coat - custom made | similar here

Faux fur option - here

Rings - hm, Primark








Best Looks from 2016





grocery shopping





in the hotel room with $$$ & McD


Sweater - nelly | here

Underwear - Angelica Blick x Bik Bok










gold x pink dets


Slay Necklace - Forever 21

Gold Chain - Similar here

Pink Nail Polish - Mavala in 'Miami'

Crop Top - hm (similar here)

CK Thong - nelly (similar here)







kensington square gardens w2

Iron Maiden Tee - Missguided | similar here

Chain Necklace - hm | similar here

Slay Necklace - Forever 21

Backpack - hm

Fur stole - similar here

Thigh High Lace Up Boots - nelly | similar here











somewhere in the fancy parts of london


Gold Chain - hm | similar here

Slay Necklace - Forever 21

Orange 1986 LA Sweateshirt - Missguided

iPhone Case - Urban Outfitters | similar here

Thigh High Lace Up Boots - nelly







grey x gold details


Necklace - Guess

Chain - hm

Sweater - hm | distresse by me




my type of fine dining


dress - ginatricot | similar here





everyday mood


Fur Jacket - Custom-made | similar here

Faux Fur Option - here

Thrasher Tee - Junkyard







fresh tan, new nails & diamonds


Thrasher Tee - Junkyard

CK Thongs - nelly | here

Adidas Sweats - Zalando

Diamond Bracelet - similar here






Bomber - hm | similar here

Sweater - ginatricot

Adidas Sweatpants - Zalando

Backpack - hm

Fur stole - similar here

Lace Up Thigh High Boots - nelly


no caption needed


Utility Bomber - Vero Moda

Orange LA Sweater - Missguided

Adidas Sweatpants & socks - Zalando - Asos

Lace Boots - nelly





nike dets


Nike Sweater - Similar here

Necklaces - hm

Rain Coat - Rukka | Similar here




thigh high lace up boots


Thigh High Lace Up Boots - nelly





lazy days in the city

Quilted Bomber - hm | similar here

Long Cardigan - hm | similar here

Thrasher Tee - Junkyard

Adidas Sweatpants - Zalando

Boots - Sievi - similar here


in the dressing room

sweater - hm

camo bomber - London vintage store | similar here


sportswear + biker jacket

Leather jacket - hm | similar here

Sports bra - ginatricot

Sports tights - hm


thrasher girl

Thrasher Tee - Junkyard

Camo Bomber - LDN vintage store | similar here

Fur Stole - similar here

Leather Tights - Bershka | similar here

Thigh High Lace Up Boots - nelly







#nellyholic details

Thigh High Lace Up Boots - Nelly

Leather Tights with Zipper Dets - Bershka | similar here

Fur - sleeve detail from my customized jacket

Rings - hm & Primark | similar here

utility bomber, fur dets and playful hair

So, I recently tried out the double top knot hairstyle that's been trending for quite some time, and I must admit that I fell in love! I haven't really had an opinion on this particular hair look before, maybe just tought for a second or two that it looked a bit childish? Well, I take that back for sure because it went really well with the edgy outfit I chose to pair it with and adds a bit of playfulness to the complete attire, don't you think?

I mean, I never experiment with my hair and makeup looks. I tend to stick to the same because that's what I feel most comfortable in. But that's about to change now for sure. I've decided to up my beauty game and become more innovative with my hair and makeup looks. Just wait and see.


Shades - Similar here

Fur stole - Similar here

Bomber Jacket - Vero Moda

Body - | similar here

Trashed Jeans - hm | similar here

Leather Backpack - hm



sport luxe dets

naomi sport bra - ginatricot

necklaces - hm