Passion Changes Everything


I have an announcement to make!

I will no longer post on this blog. 


The reasons? 


1. Number one and the biggest reason:


I am moving onto better things. I have so much stuff I want to do and with that, I have to give up smaller things that takes up too much of my time. 

It is also my promise for 2017. I am focusing full time on building my freelance writing business. I know I don't post too often but it takes time to think of ideas, do shoots and edit all the stuff I post. 


2. It is not a fun nor a creative outlet for me any longer


- I love blogging and have been doing it since I was 15. But this blog is not a fun nor creative outlet for me no more. I want to start something new. Something fresh that I can focus on a lot more and gain more followers on. Not just for the sake of the amount, but to engage and inspire people.


"Progress is impossible without change & those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything"-Weight Loss Motivation | "Weight" No Longer LLC | Niantic, CT:


3. I have my instagram

I practically post the same things on Instagram. I share music and inspo here and a bit more pics from the same shoot but that's pretty much it. So please follow my instagram if you want to see what I'm up to: here



Yes, there is a but and you'll love it!


We ❤️ make-up // LUCY Creative agency:


As of now, I am focusing on my business. But when that gets going I will start a new blog. Only on another portal and it will be 100% beauty related and not as "personal". Okay this one is not too personal either. But the new one will be even less so. It will be a beauty blog/magazine!

With articles, product reviews and a lot more. And very professional. There is a lot more to it but I don't want to reveal too much just yet.


passion changes everything:



I studied cosmetology years ago and I was obsessed with it. Worked 2 years with something that had no relevance what so ever to it and moved on from the beauty stuff. Later on I studied fashion business and got hooked on style journalism. 




This year in March, I've been writing about beauty for 1 year and I have also regained my passion for all things beauty related. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Work within the beauty industry and write about beauty. And style. Nothing has ever felt so right.


BODIE and FOU★ Le Blog | Effortless chic | French Interiors | Inspiring Design: {WISE WORDS} Work and passion:



So hopefully, sometime soon I'll open up the new blog/magazine. And when I do, I'll let you guys know!

Btw. I am not removing this blog since it got so many memories on it. Especially from my study abroad time in London. 


Until next time! xx Isabel







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