Spring/ Summer 2016 Make Up

tan skin. blue sky. lovely adriana.:

When it comes to spring/ summer 2016 makeup trends the 3 key words are:

Keep. It. Light.


- It's time to exfoliate your face and body and invest in a moisturizing cream to achieve a good looking

and healthy glow.

I love, love, LOVE a good sculptural cheek, and this look maximises highlights and contours while balancing a bold brow and undone hair. Lovely. #makeup:

- A spraytan is the next step if you want a lead with looking bomb as f*!k at the beach.

-Replace your foundation with a tinted day cream or bb cream and apply bronzer on the apple of your cheeks.

- Illuminate your cheekbones if needed and apply a pastel or bronze coloured eyeshadow

- Apply nude/pink lipgloss (preferably one that hydrates)


Adriana & Alessandra VS Angels:

- Pink, coral, nude or cherry nail varnish look good on nails and toenails this summer

- Spray on a fresh fragrance from Chanel, Escada or Clean (Avoid perfume if you´re going to sunbath, the spray may leave discoloration on your skin when exposed to sun)

- And lastly. Keep your eyebrows natural and apply a few layers of mascara


1. Lipstick 2. Facial scrub 3. Chanel fragrance 4. Clinique moisture surge 5. Vita liberata tanning lotion 6. ncla nailpolish 7. Dior bronzing powder 8. Lipgloss


pics from pinterest



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