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Poor update, I know.. Follow me on Instagram - @isabeljarnstrom for daily updates. I am too busy working on the blog now but as soon as I got some time on my hands I will give my blog a makeover and start updating regularly.


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90's style - choker & nails from Primark

These nails + adhesive cost me £1 & I didn't have high expectations on the quality. Turned out to be the opposite.


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Bath mode

Tried bathing in seaweed from Urban Outiftters, which was relaxing. Beauty junk lipbalm from the same store and Charity Pot hand & body lotion from LUSH. 


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East London vibes

East London, Shoreditch is my favourite place in London. It has an urban and cool vibe to it in comparison to other places.


My new, fresh Nike Huaraches + Calvin socks.

If you ever go to London and need sneakers. Buy them! More affordable here than in other places. Huaraches from Footlocker and CK socks from Urban Outiftters.


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Best pizza I ever had

At Pizza Express in Shoreditch. Spicy chilli and chicken pizza. Soo goood..


13151321_594625444048147_1617688338_n.jpg (640×640)

Love my yellow dress from bikbok. Summer is here!

@South London

New Sunglasses from Spitalfields Market, Shoreditch


My lovely friend Natalie paid me a visit.

We had a caramel & oreo cupcake from Hummingbird Bakery at Portobello Road. 



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