better than sex mascara

Been using this bad boy for a few months now. I was intrigued to buy into Too Faced's brand because of their eye candy designs. I mean their Melted liquified lipsticks look like heaven and I thought the caption for this mascara was funny and therefore worth a try. I've always been picky with mascaras since I think my lashes never gets the volume or length that I'm looking for. Diorshow was the best for a while but I noticed they're not as good as they used to be. My sister thought the same.

Anyway, what do I think?.. Does it live up to its name? - No. But then again what does?

Is it good? - I'd say it's average. I wasn't impressed and it didn't get so high on the wow-factor. It actually felt heavy and pushed down my lashes instead of giving them volume.

BUT the things that I really loved about it was the design. It gets cred for the beautiful color it has and the creativity for naming it. I mean if something says it's better than sex then you'll just have to try it. 


Too Faced Mascara - here



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