Sport Luxe

Since new year people have been spotted wearing work out gear all day whether they hit the gym or not. Is this an acceptable appearance in the fashion world? 'course it is! As long as you mix it up with a few luxurious pieces. Here's one example: Wear your yoga pants and sports bra together with a leather jacket, a big bag and a poppin' lipstick. When it comes down to the shoes; go for a pair of flashy sneakers for ultimate comfortability or a pair of peep toe heels to primp up the outfit.


Sport Luxe by isabeljarnstrom featuring a moto jacketYves Saint Laurent moto jacket, €3.530 / NIKE sports bra, €23 / Nike legging, €24 / Dolce Vita black boots, €165 / Givenchy black handbag, €2.230 / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics lips makeup, €27

1. Leather jacket 2. Peep toe heels 3. Sports bra 4. Bag 5. Lipstick 6. Tights


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