Nude Colour Palette

I'm utterly obsessed with the nude colour palette.. Camel, tan, beige etc.. I just can't get over these dreamy latte hues. Mostly because you can match them with anything, they look stunning against my self tanned skin and you can wear it as an all beige outfit without overdoing it. And not to mention that the colours look great as clothes, accessories & beauty products.


Camel by isabeljarnstrom featuring a beige cocktail dressBeige cocktail dress, €50 / Harris Wharf London woolen coat, €390 / River Island brown waist belt, €46 / Peep toe wedge booties, €14 / MICHAEL Michael Kors leather daypack, €275 / Chanel nail color, €24

1. Coat 2. Dress 3. Heels 4. Backpack 5. Skirt 6. Nail polish


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