Eenie meenie miney mo.. no. Monochrome hits hard for the new season. And we love the fact that you can never fail to match black and white. Be bold enough to wear that polka dot blazer or those vertical striped pants you've been thinking about but never dared to wear. Or stay within your comfort zone and do it all minimalistic in ripped black jeans, a white tee & a fierce black leatherjacket. Or choose to dress up in a figure hugging high waist black leatherskirt, combined with a tucked in white tank top, a cap and sneakers to get that effortless, chillaxed look. The options are never ending with the classic black and white hues. 


Monochrome by isabeljarnstrom featuring short skirtsWithChic faux fur coat, €51 / Black pants, €36 / Short skirt, €15 / Adidas Originals leather shoes, €91 / Moschino black backpack / ASOS black watch, €18 / Vianel black hat, €305 / Tech accessory

1. Cap 2. Tights 3. Faux fur coat 4. Sneakers

5. Backpack 6. Watch 7. Leather skirt 8. Marble case




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