Transparent White Crop Top

I got this transparent crop top on sale from about a month ago.

I friggin' love it!



Fur in all shapes and sizes were spotted on almost every runway show for Fall/ Winter 15-16. While we have not gotten any snow or freezing weather just yet it is time to take out the old fur coat or go buy a pretty one in faux material for a much more affordable price. I like my fur in neutral colours and a short model that I would wear with jeans (black or denim) together with a cap, sneakers and a stylish top. I almost never leave my house without music so I'd also give an extra edge to this outfit by wearing a pair of big sized headphones. 


musician by isabeljarnstrom featuring a brown coatMoschino sleeveless tee, €295 / Adrienne Landau brown coat, €1.320 / George destroyed skinny jeans, €22 / NIKE kohl shoes, €100 / Black headphone, €250 / Velcro hat

Jeans / Cap / Headphones

Nike Huarache / Fur coat / Sleeveless tee

I Mean It

Adidas Originals Superstar 80 S

3 New Rn'B Tracks



Darkest Before Dawn

Currently listening to Pusha T's new album; King Push - Darkest before dawn. I really like his voice, the rhythm and beats in his songs. My 3 fav tracks on the album are; Untouchable, M.F.T.R and M.P.A featuring Kanye West and A$AP Rocky assisting the vocals 


Want These

nike, shoes, and nails-bild

One More Day

Last long working day tomorrow. Finally this season is over! These past 6 weeks I've been stressed out, stuffed myself with lots of junk food, stopped working out and gained weight. The days are so long so I come home so late at night so I just wanna eat out and then go to sleep. But after tomorrow I will change and find my way back to my clean eating and working out on a daily basis routine. I actually love the fact that I've gained a few kilos because I wanna get a bit bigger. Now it's just time for me to start building some booty and leg muscles of all this new fat. Aaaand I will also start posting a lot more often again. I'm so in need of this vacay! Just one more day.


Current bodyshape

Make Up Brush Cleanser

It's important to clean your make up brushes every now and then to avoid getting bacterias and bad skin because of all the dirt that leaves in the brushes after applying make up. I have been sloppy with this thing but I don't do my make up too often either. But I'll try to improve myself by cleaning my brusher at least once a week. I got my cleansing spray from Kiko in London earlier this year and think it gives great result leaving the brushes neat and clean. I've also seen that you can find cleansing shampoos and spray from Kicks.


Det är viktigt att rengöra sina smink penslar nu som då för att undvika bakterier och att få oren hud p.g.a alla sminkrester som lämnar i penslarna. Jag har varit väldigt slarvig med detta men ska försöka skärpa mig genom att tvätta dem minst en gång i veckan. Jag köpte mitt rengörings spray från Kiko i London och tycker bra om den för den gör penslarna rena och fina. Ni kan också hitta schampo och spray för smink penslar inne på Kicks.    




Feeling superfresh again after using St.Moriz spraytan. I love having a great looking tan all year and I try to avoid sunbeds because of the damage it does to your skin. So i finally found the perfect tanning product that gives the skin a natural and healthy looking tan that lasts for days and doesn't stain. Bought it in store while I was living in London but nowadays I order it from


Känner mig superfräsch efter att ha gjort en spraytan med produkter från St.Moriz. Jag älskar att ha en fin bränna året runt och försöker undvika solarium pga dess skadliga strålning. Hittade äntligen en spraytan som ger huden en naturlig och hälsosam bränna som håller i flera dagar och inte fläckar av sig. Jag köpte dessa i London när jag bodde där men nuförtiden beställer jag dem från   


We'll Learn To Love How To Dream

glitter, hands, and indie-bild

Prepare for a deep post;

Look at this picture for a while and think about what it says to you and how it makes you feel. Does it talk to you at all or is it just a picture of some hands with ridiculously much glitter on?

I find one word for this pic and that word is Dream.

I am a dreamer and a very deep thinker and I always have been. But I rarely talk to people about it or write about it. I've tried to deny the fact that I am a dreamer many times and tried to live in the moment and not think too much about things. And that have never worked. Ever. So I stopped and let my dreams come and go as they want. They are big, surrealistic and scary most of the times. At times I don't even live in a real world and I like it here in my small purple dreamy bubble. (Doesn't mean I cut myself out from the social life or anything, and yes I imagine my bubble being purple) It's just that I think a lot at night or when I'm alone. And I've accepted the fact that I live in a dream world and from now on I've decided to do anything I can to push my dreams into becoming reality. Even if it scares the cr*p outta me. And honestly, the only thing standing between me and my dreams is fear. Fear of losing, lack of self belief and doubt. But those things shouldn't matter cause you never learn if you don't try. And if you try and do your best you can never loose. You will learn from your mistakes and struggles, grow as a person and become stronger than you were yesterday. My mind is cleansed and that will be it for tonight, I'm exhausted. Good night!


(All this just by putting on The Weeknd - Love in the sky and finding this lovely pic, haha.

It's crazy what music and art does to the creative side of your mind)


Bomber jacket - Zara

Polo neck dress -

All Nude Errthaang

Cap / Bomber jacket / Leggings - Maniére Devoir 

Sneakers - Adidas


Current Breakie

My current everyday breakie; Yoghurt,muesli + banana


Min nuvarande varje dags frukost; Yoghurt, müsli, banan

Friday Inspo



Christmas Wishlist

The New Queen



Stay Motivated

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New In

Hello December


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10 Quick Answers

1. Online shopping eller gå i butiken?


Strosa runt i butiker.

Får ju titta på plaggen & får hem dem genast. 


2. Favoritfärg?

Just nu; Beige


nails, opi, and Nude-bild


3. Favoritmat?

Alltid sugen på sushi


sushi, food, and vogue-bild


4. Vill ha?




godnessly ✨


5. Låt just nu?

Lil Durk ft. Dej Loaf - My Beyonce


6. Favorit plagg?

Min bomber jacka i khaki


Calvin Klein and fashion-bild


 7. Dröm resemål?



los angeles, california, and america-bild


8. Bästa händelsen 2015?

Provinssi & Blockfest festivalerna



9. Något du saknar?



10. Vill göra?

Hitta ett drömjobb & flytta utomlands





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