thrasher magazine


Thrasher tee - junkyard | here

Choker - Missguided | similar here

Gold chain - hm | similar here

Slay necklace - Forever 21

Thigh high boots - nelly | similar here

Bomber - hm






Socks - here


bad and bourgeois


Hoodie - ginatricot

Choker - Missguided | similar here

Slay necklace - Forever 21

Gold chain - hm | similar here

Fur coat - custom made | similar here

Faux fur option - here

Rings - hm, Primark








Best Looks from 2016





grocery shopping










fresh tracks






friends & brgrs

She always leaves the man she loves, but the diamonds are forever


London Snaps

Missguided's first physical store. Had been open 2 days when we visited.

I can officially state that I've been to store heaven!


The traditional breakie pic (still a must whenever staying at a hotel)


Fascinated by this piece, displayed in the Victoria's Secret's store window!


Gourmet Burger Kitchen! 


X-mas decorations were everywhere! This pic from Covent Garden.

One of my favorite spots in London.


Wok to Walk, Argyll Street, Oxford Circus


Sooo good. 


Best street food, best price!


Super delicious crêpes at Harvey Nichols' Nutella bar. +++ super service. 

Another nutella bar in the same building,

where you can customize your own nutella jar.


You know where this is..

Missguided's store had a vending machine selling unicorn dreams!

Guaranteed to make you slay all day! 


TGIF has always been a go-to place for the best chicken wings (dipped in Jack Daniel's sauce, YUM!) and best place for drinks!


My new phone case from Urban Outfitters!


Living suite life in a single bedroom with double bed!

Champagne, macarons and chocolate covered strawberries and bananas!


Sooo maany magaziiineees


Lush life


Celebrated a fantastic trip with rump steak and sweet potato fries!





the start of a home office


I'm getting tired of my lack of motivation to get some work done at some points. So I've decided to decorate the desk in my room and turn it into my personal home office for now. I got the idea while shopping for petite and pretty things in London. For now I've got myself a cute little pineapple in gold (I looooove gold) and a fashion book that is not only filled with inspirational illustrations and tips, but also conveniently enough, is practical to decorate with.


New York Through a Fashion Eye - here

The Dress - here

Gold Pineapple Scented Candle - Primark | similar here


a case of gold and a ball of fur

iPhone Case - Urban Outfitters (similar here)

Nail Polish - Mavala in 'Miami'




kensington square gardens w2

Iron Maiden Tee - Missguided | similar here

Chain Necklace - hm | similar here

Slay Necklace - Forever 21

Backpack - hm

Fur stole - similar here

Thigh High Lace Up Boots - nelly | similar here











somewhere in the fancy parts of london


Gold Chain - hm | similar here

Slay Necklace - Forever 21

Orange 1986 LA Sweateshirt - Missguided

iPhone Case - Urban Outfitters | similar here

Thigh High Lace Up Boots - nelly







beauty bargains under 10 €


I've never been greedy when it comes to spending money on good beauty products, but there are a lot of options in the market that are ridiculously affordable that deliver just as amazing (if not even better) results than most luxurious brands! I've narrowed down 4 favorites that I use on a regular basis.


Bronzing Powder - H&M | 7.99 €


This is my all time cult bronzer. It's silky smooth & leaves your skin matte with a slightly shimmering finish. Works perfectly whether you want to sculpt your cheekbones or add a beautiful bronzed glow to your holiday tan.


Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cairo - NYX | 7.80 €


Smooth lipstick cream that provides your lips with moist & a matte finish. Love the shade, love the texture and absolutely love that it feels as if you don't have anything on your lips. Even though the product promises a lasting result, I think the colour fades pretty quickly. And as you pull up the wand, I think the applicator doesn't get too much lip cream on it, resulting with you having to apply thin layer after thin layer until you get the result you want.


Wonder Pencil - NYX | 6.20 €


Everyone loves a good multitasking makeup product and this one, as the name gives away, is a true wonder pencil. Its 3-in-1 function will fulfill any beauty desire by covering flaws and blemishes, lining your lips and brightening your eyes. I've only used it for lip enhancement and eye brightening, and I do agree that it does wonders if you want bigger looking eyes. I do believe it works fine while lining the cupid's bow on your lips, even though I do many other makeup tricks in order to get the perfect pout.


Quick tip - You can also try using it under your eyebrows for an instant brow lift.


Lip Pencil - Seppälä | 2.95 €


This product is beyond ridiculous!! And don't take me wrong, I mean it in a good way. It's super cheap and seriously the best lip liner I've ever owned. And I've owned many. Anything from the most expensive brands to the brands that focuses on lips with highly pigmented products. I think I bought this one for a measly 2.95 €. And the color is long-lasting, keeps the lipstick or lipgloss in one place and gives you a dreamy puckered pout. Sadly, it's only available in Seppälä's store, not online. 

my type of fine dining


dress - ginatricot | similar here





fashion, art, food & color

”Amy-lombard-itsnicethat-6: Best magazine covers of 2013 - Playboy: VALLEY OF THE DOLLS PILL POPPING NAILS BEAUTY SHOOT | Jamie Nelson Beauty & Fashion Photographer | September 4, 2015  ❤༻ಌOphelia Ryan ಌ༺❤: It's Nice That : Amy Lombard pairs up with a nail artist for a glorious and grotesque series:

fresh tan, new nails & diamonds


Thrasher Tee - Junkyard

CK Thongs - nelly | here

Adidas Sweats - Zalando

Diamond Bracelet - similar here






we be bad and bourgeois, savages that are ruthless





Bomber - hm | similar here

Sweater - ginatricot

Adidas Sweatpants - Zalando

Backpack - hm

Fur stole - similar here

Lace Up Thigh High Boots - nelly


birds in the trap sing mcknight



Been listening to Travis Scott's voice ever since his album dropped online. Still am, and he released the physical copy of the album a day ago. Need to get my hands on it! Listen to his album here while enjoying the inspirational visuals from my tumblr & pinterest. My top 5 faves are: goosebumps, coordinate, first take, through the late night & pick up the phone. 

















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no caption needed


Utility Bomber - Vero Moda

Orange LA Sweater - Missguided

Adidas Sweatpants & socks - Zalando - Asos

Lace Boots - nelly





weekend snaps

Halloween costume: rapper's wife



Loved my fake wedding ring and nails for Halloween


Snapshot from an outfit shoot (coming soon)




metallic choker


Wide holographic metallic choker in rose gold - missguided